Body cleansing | Side effects, Dosage & WARNING

The detox products are listed alphabetically, but there are some products that are more specific than others. I am providing links to the products if you wish to do your own research. I am not claiming that these products are safe, or are for everyone, or anything else that you shouldn't do. Many of these products contain things that can harm your kidneys and liver. This list is not complete. I don't guarantee the safety of any of these products. In order to obtain the highest possible returns, you need to find a medical professional who has been practicing for decades, and have the knowledge to tell you what is safe and what isn't. I am not an expert in any of the fields, so don't trust any information I include. When I use something, it should have been used for a long period of time before I use it, even if it is just on a small scale. I have no medical training and can't give any advice, other than to follow what your physician tells you. If you are concerned about something, check with your physician before you take it, and if there is any possible risk, don't do it.

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